…and so it begins. Into the virtual abyss I’ve enjoined, a clipped Icarus lacking wings yet trudging up the gloomy stairs of modernity. I limp into the present and take my place alongside the millions others who think they have something to say…


Finally! They say.

Up the stairs and into the cloud, here is a web site to serve as a repository for much that is freddi price. Music, video, photos, words. All that has cluttered up my own computer for years on end I will begin to put at large… on your computer. Or no one’s. Doesn’t matter. Though I be dead by the time someone sees/hears this (do I loose the domain if I die?), suffice it to be so that it here exists and shows that there was once a somebody who went by this name and did some stuff.

I will climb, trundling onward, quite new to this but hoping that I can manage such a spiraling flight. The internet continues to confound, though I am otherwise quite at ease with the world of the “computer arts”. Please forgive the sometimes awkward and maybe faltering aspects of this site as it continues to grow. For the most part it shall be a simple place to access content, as they say, that I have had something to do with.

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  1. Solar says:

    And so it begins. And so it continues…

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