Though maybe I should, I feel no shame in offering up to the cloud this evidence of my early aesthetic (click on triangles to play) …In my rummaging through the middens of my past I have dredged up these samples of my own whimsical, musical and thezpian beginnings. It will come as no surprise to any child of the seventies with access to a TV (a significant requirement, computers not being available on a personal basis and even TVs –perish the thought- weren’t even available! in every household in those halcyon days) will have known of the Saturday morning children’s entertainment mega-phenomenon of the Krofft SuperShow .      1. Krofft Supershow , and my version:       2. fpSuperShow It’s first season (1976-77) being the area of expertise of this writer, I can remember being quite taken at the time by the installments (that season only) of Dr. Shrinker (      3. KSS Dr.       4. fp Dr. )

and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (      5. KSS EWDG       6. fp EWDG ), those particular fantastical melodramas capturing in my callow, naïve imagination, all that was wondrous and awe-full in the awaiting world. The excitement of travel to far, exotic places, the danger inherent in such a pursuit, the advent of technological dystopian enclaves being run by whack Shakespearean actors and midgets (presaging by a year -I believe- Fantasy Island). And then, o then, the Bollywood-meets-American-porno-super-heroine pastiche of EW and DG!       7. ! How my little mind thrummed with excitement!       8. !! How my little body pulsed with sexuality yet bound       9. !!! Although, looking back, I prefer Dyna Girl by far at this point; she with her clever little electro-quips, sassy pony-tails and wide, compliant mouth!

Somewhat lower in my esteem, but not without their own merits, were the standard entries of Wonderbug (      10. KSS WB       11. fp WB ) and Lost Saucerwith Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzie, no less! (      12. KSS LS       13. fp LS ). Yes, obviously not as inspirational to my developing aesthetic,but nevertheless, fodder for my improvisational skills.

Then there was, also from Sid and Marty Krofft, Land of the Lost (which evidently inspired a more elocutionary approach –        ), Big Foot and Wild Boy and H.R. Puffin Stuff; the Jap-animated manga cartoons Speed Racer and Marine Boy, Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, Ultraman! So much stuff to get a boy’s mind boggled and started on a life of absurdity –        .

Though the TV, for that year at least – our bicentennial!, only provided some of the foundation for this young man’s artistic endeavors. There was also practicing stage presence,        and        ; the first evidence of an aptitude towards composing for brass ensemble,        and a penchant for things British,        . In addition to these, more idle, childish moments, there were the rigors of my classical piano training,        and literary pursuits,        , all painstakingly captured on my gramma’s Realistic portable tape recorder (though she would have preferred a more, shall we say, pacifying and child appropriate toy –        . On I’d go until Papa came and relieved that dear old woman’s, not quite infinite, patience (she hadn’t yet gone blissfully deaf, I believe) –        . Indeed, on I’d go, as we drove away. One could always rewind and start all over again next time….


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