Well, it continues, the endless cataloging of years of wasted time, the pointless meandering through the minefields of my mind! Here a song. There a comedy piece. Now a commercial, musique concrète, field recording. Then a poem. All for the want of something better to do.

For years I have gotten up in the morning, put my pants on one leg at a time like any other man and gone out and entertained the smattering masses from stage and street, yet when I go home, who is there to entertain me you ask? Why, my own snittering self of course. And for years I’ve put that same self to task making recordings, some done for projects, some never to see the light of day. Until now that is. Well, not light perhaps, but at least the murky din of the nebulous and tangled gossamer that is the interweb. And though it rest here until the meek inherit the earth leaving all of us loud and loathsome self-loggers flagellating ourselves with our Ethernet cables in the proverbial dust, so at least it does rest, no more to spin forever in the timeless and tide-less eddies of my backwater.

So I unleash some odd and rarefied, some familiar and gross ditties either for your perusal or abject ingnoration. They span quite a broad horizon, indeed from all over the world. They span all ranges of age and intention.

Take, for example this unctuous little blob of a song, done o, so long ago concerning the glories of margerine:

      1. Oleo.mp3

Or this, similarly erstwhile version of the old sea shanty standard:

      2. Earlie-in-the-Mornin.mp3

A commercial I did for Armchair Geographers (sadly, currently lost in the southern seas) pipe tobacco:

      3. Musk of the Stag


Then there’s this, the very first version of the now famous “Hobo Love”, just written mere minutes before this recording was made:

      4. Hobo.mp3


There are (several) Long forgotten piano compositions that I am wont to churn out of an idle day:

      5. Werden-Sein.mp3


…and then my latest German-ish, post-industrial dance hit:

      6. Freddi-Price-Ass-Fleisch.mp3



And so much more and more coming. They are all here for the listening, and should any wish to own their very own copies, I will have some sort of cheap download options soon…



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