This is what democracy looks like!

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… and this is what nearsighted, thoughtless, juvenile, macho thuggery  looks like!

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The former is an example and a symbol of an ongoing struggle of a growing tide of sensible, honest, love-making, creative humans, young and old, as diverse as the world itself that has surged and ebbed throughout time to place head and heart at the forefront of action.

The latter is the dominant, age-old, dick-driven urge of an otherwise sexless adolescent mentality that uses clubs, truncheons, projectiles, machines and bodies hurled from their lower bestial selves, seeking out the morbid “fun” of destruction. This is for their own personal satisfaction and without foresight or thought for others, or, it is meted out with much foresight, indeed, and intent as the agent of the very forces they ostensibly are “fighting”.  To this group belongs the few directionless children engaging in the “Black Bloc” tactics of the current Occupy movement as evidenced here in Oakland in yesterday’s otherwise successfully peaceful city(and world)-wide protests. Few though they are, they like to throw things and garner attention, and like a howling yard of feral children, they will seem many more than they are.

For those of us engaged in the current struggle and out in the streets with it, they are familiar enough. They hide their faces, dress in colorless pseudo-military garb and play at their little commando games like the video game-crazed adolescents that they no doubt are. Unfortunately, they are not playing in their backyards or on their Gameboys. They are in OUR yards and playing with US. They are NOT the %99. Or, rather, they are %1 of the %99 who find the tactics of that other %1 suitable enough for their myopic needs. They are, in fact, the children of that %1 against whom this struggle patiently maintains!

It is certainly possible, and classically typical from within the history of political struggle (they are never original!),  that among them are, indeed, agents of “the Man” strategically placed to fan the foment that smolders in HuMan’s most basic instincts. However, it is also sadly likely that they represent what, for me, is exemplary of a certain failure in HuMan’s evolution: the failure to apply critical thought to the rising urges of the animal brain! And it is in childhood that that process is instilled in a human by a healthy society/community/parenthood, for it is critical thought which marks us as human! – In the hidden-faced, drone-like actions of the “Black Bloc” brigades we see the misguided animal behavior of stunted children,  of de-volved humans! Monsters really, for animals don’t destroy their own cause. Animals don’t shit where they eat!

You of the Black Bloc types are colorless, hidden (shame?)-faced, unoriginal, blunt, sexless, joyless slaves to the oppression of violence that will continue to plague the efforts of the critical thinking, heart-feeling MASSES who strive to continue to evolve out of the cave from which those who gained the upper hand early in our attempts at “civilization” dominate and plunder!

You are not of our %99!  – You do nothing to further the progress of this world-wide movement towards social evolution! You impede progress and serve the goals of those you claim as enemies! You are our enemies as is a cancer that attacks a healthy body! We are the healthy body of change and like the human body we would do well to deploy groups of white blood cells to surround, sequester and quell with a healing scab the scars you inflict in our movement!

When met with your types in the coming days/months/years, may you be surrounded and prevented from your destruction by the vanquishing force of peaceful resistance like the brave few who attempted to stop you yesterday. Or better yet, go home and read a book!

You will have the status quo (of thuggery against thuggery) maintained! We will have change, once and for all!

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8 Responses to The thugs are not Us! – An open letter to the “Black Bloc” brigades

  1. Utterly, absolutely spot on, Freddi. Spot on.

  2. Nieves says:

    Tell it Freddi!

  3. RanDomino says:

    Dear sweet jesus, won’t someone think of those poor, helpless, defenseless windows. The only rational thing to do is round up everyone who did this and torture them to death.

  4. emough says:

    yeah….it’s not about the windows….it’s about the truncheons coming down on the heads of people – generally NOT the black bloc – those around you…. it is undemocratic and it is EXACTLY what those in power want you to do. You are tools and acting like it.

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