Yes, it’s true! Two great bands that go great together playing on the biggest night of the year!

Although we know you have a choice when it comes to your New Year’s Eve entertainment, we know you will be guaranteed to have the best of times this year with Rube Waddell, the Bay Area’s Bad News Bears of rock, with their foot stomping, DIY style of Americana, sea shanties, blues and stage antics – coupled with the polished and grooving sensation that is Lord Loves a Working Man, the ten-piece soul spectacular that is taking the Bay by storm with their latest album!

It will be, without a doubt, the funnest party with which to celebrate the last and first on this go ’round the wheel, and at $10, certainly one of your most economical options on this premium night!

Come to Vitus, one of Oakland’s latest opening, swank, downtown spots with plenty of room to dance and a house Hammond B-3 organ!

Keep checking back here for possible added surprises for the night…



SAN FRANCISCO FOLKS – BART will be running ’til 3am, remember. – schedule is here (closest BART entrance is at 11th and B’way)

and the Broadway Shuttle runs free (as always) ’til 1am

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