Well, after suiting up and heading out to the Right Coast I have found myself to be well-received by the good ol’ Gotham! New York has got me gainfully employed, amply funned, sufficiently gigged, and just generally happily ensconced! It looks like I may be there for a bit, while making forays to the Left Coast for music duties.
To sum up a bit, my last two and a half months had me playing with Jolie Holland in Manhattan: here’s a snip
“dancing” in a piece at New York Live Arts, presented by one of my favorite people, dancer and choreographer, Paige Martin.
I’m trying to locate the video. But it consists of me with my ass in the air for the duration of the piece!

And, I had one fast jaunt back to the Bay for Lord Loves and Rube Waddell duties, and then, with a visit to NYC from my cuntry partner, there was an appearance there of Randy & Randi

But currently I am in the Bay Area for a week to perform and tour a bit with the Beth Custer Ensemble acting as narrator to their live-accompanied showing of the 1929 Russian/Georgian silent film, My Grandmother. Go here for info on venues and showtimes.

Also while I’m  in town, Lord Loves a Working Man will be playing with The Revelations at the New Parish in Oakland on May 31st! So, a few opportunities to bump into me in the Bay over the next week before I’m off back to NYC where we can bump as well.

Once back, I begin a month-of-June, Tuesday night weekly gig at Brooklyn’s newly opened and uber-charming St. Mazie. There I will be playing with long lost friend and musical compatriot, Mark Growden as he spends the summer in the big city!

…and then I might be headed to the Arctic Circle for mid-summer and the midnight sun, then back to NYC to continue to be part of an illustrious crew on the ongoing building out of an over-the-top living art piece that will pass itself off as a restaurant in SOHO, unveiling itself sometime in the Fall!

I’ll have more performance updates as they come in.

Just try and catch me!….


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