A winter’s play!

For many months I have been working on the music for Edward Einhorn and his Untitled Theater Company #61 production of Paul Auster’s City of Glass,and it looks like we’re set to open next weekend at the New Ohio Theater in the West Village.

Riding on the success of my live, solo musical work on The Pigeoning which got me nominated for New York’s prestigious Drama Desk Award last year, I have engaged in an even more ambitious one-man-ensemble musical project with this piece, involving a most complex array of instruments and FX, traditional and electronic, mirroring the inner convolutions of the one-man drama imploding onstage.

In Einhorn’s play of Auster’s book, one actor folds in on himself, playing all the parts (though fleshed out with the addition of two dancers) in this noir-ish story of de-volving identity. I have similarly folded in and am performing on all that I can gather around me as the soundtrack throughout. It’s one big schizoid mind-fuck, as the hep-cats say!

Sounds like just the thing for your winter doldrums, don’t it?

Please come out and see this unique piece of New York theater. The show opens next weekend, Feb. 19th, and runs to March 12th.

“Freddi Price creates the astounding live underscore to this absurd and intriguing examination of brokenness. He is the master hypnotist able to transport you into altered states of consciousness where this Picasso of performance allows you to drift on a waterbed surrounded by run away words, potent imagery and scintillating performance.”  –   Jacquelyn Claire

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